Dangers Effects Of Masturbation escorts uncovered?

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Masturbation is a common behavior among men and women. It is the process of self-Stimulation of the genitals to reach orgasmic pleasure. According to las vegas escorts, Masturbation is healthy behavior as it is a natural process and is a common sexual reality of the world.

Although masturbation is not a harmful activity, everything has its limit and masturbation can have dangerous side effects.

Dangerous side effects of masturbation

Escorts uncovered some dangerous effects of masturbation that can not only affect your health but also disturb you mentally and emotionally. These effects are:-

  • Body pain:- Masturbating in excess or without resting can lead to several body pain including mainly back pain, cramps, and pelvic muscle pain. Masturbating causes a reduction in testosterone which is the main hormone for muscle strength and as this hormone depletes the body starts getting weaker and weaker.
  • Mental and physical fatigue:- masturbation not only affects us physically, but our mental health also suffers because of that. Masturbation can cause mental and physical fatigue which results affect our thinking and decision-making capability. Excess masturbating can lead to excessive weight loss and abnormal hormone balances too.
  • Unhealthy addiction:- masturbation is just a shortcut to getting sexual pleasure but when someone starts getting dependent on masturbating for pleasure in their life, it becomes an addiction and as bad as drug addiction with no external visible side effects.
  • Effects on sex life:- masturbating causes mental and physical fatigue which makes our performance during sex, and our ability to have normal sex reduces, and which causes distance in relations.
  • Urine infection:- excessive masturbation can cause urine infection as there are high chances that if you masturbate continuously, your semen can get into the urine bladder causing infection and other urine-related issues. Excessive masturbating can result in the loss of control over the flow of urine which can become serious issues with time.
  • Genital soreness:- masturbating makes your genitals sore and tired and if you still masturbate during soreness there are very high chances of tissue damage and loss of sensitivity or numbness in the genital area.
  • Weaker erection:- regular masturbation makes your erections weaker, as the body needs time to produce natural lubricant liquids and sperm and if you continuously masturbate, that stresses out the organs like testicles to overwork leading to weaker erections and abnormal sperm production.

Thus all vegas escorts suggest that masturbating is not bad but keeping control over it is very important and if you face a problem or have a situation of addiction you can take the help of professionals.

Masturbating becoming an addiction gives rise to several future problems related to physical, mental, and sexual health thus masturbating is limited.


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