Muoto the geometry wizard [LD35]

Ludum Dare #35 had the theme Shapeshift, it was our 6th time participating in this Game Jam and we are very excited to present our entry, Muoto the geometry wizard, that placed 9th in the overall category.

Muoto Screenshot 1

You play as Muoto, a powerfuly wizard in short stature, who has made his way to a dungeon with no turning back. You’re left to fend off creatures from the deepest geometrical nightmares while trying to make your way to the source of this new evil



Use a matching shape spell to attack respective enemy shapes to deal damage, if you shoot a non matching shape it will instead heal the foe. Example: square on square deals damage, while circle on triangle heals the enemy.


Ludum Dare page

Top categories:

#9 Overall(Jam) 4.31
#16 Fun(Jam) 4.14
#86 Graphics(Jam) 4.30
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