Luminosity patch 2.1 is now live on Steam!

Luminosity patch 2.1

Patch 2.1 brings new content, fixes a few bugs and adds some community requested quality of life changes. This is the first major patch since the Steam release.

  • A New enemy has been added, a square shaped enemy drone that is stationary. This is the first Enemy that supports it’s allies by buffing their speed for a short period of time whenever they bounce off it.
  • A option to restart has been added in both Arcade and Campaign mode. Access the restart button in the pause menu.
  • “Next Level”-button has been added in the end game screen after beating a campaign level, so that you no longer need to go back to the level selection screen and manually selecting the next level.
  • New backgrounds, the randomly generated backgrounds have been increased by approximately 20.000 new and unique backgrounds.
  • A hidden test achievement that was used during development has been removed.
  • The “Destroyer” achievement has been fixed and is now obtainable.

We are intending to keep developing Luminosity and have some exciting plans for the future. As always we are very keen on getting input from the community, regardless if you found bugs or have suggestions for future patches.

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