Luminosity – Patch 1.1 announcement

Luminosity Patch 1.1

After a very successful launch we have been working hard on the upcoming content patch. We appreciate all the feedback that we have gotten so far and hope that the support and interest in Luminosity will continue!

Patch 1.1 will contain all new content, both small and big additions, as well as improving on already existing mechanics and features, both visually and functionally.

Some of the key points in this patch include:

* Space ship selection!
You will now be able to choose between multiple visually diverse space ships with their own pros and cons. Find the space ship that suits your play style the best!

* New enemy types!
To add more variety, new and exciting challenges have been introduced such as enemy drones with new and unique behavior and abilities.

* New power-ups!
One of the coolest things in Luminosity is getting a clutch power up such as the time warp that allows you to JUST beat a level. We want more of that, so you can look forward to all new Power-Ups!

* New levels and backgrounds!
With more content we have been able to make more levels, each new level will have a new visually striking background.

* Visual improvements!
A lot of small changes, that help the game feel more polished, have been made. Everything from a custom mouse cursor to improved particle effects.


Stay tuned for more details, images and videos as we get closer to the launch of Luminosity patch 1.1!

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