Luminosity 1.1 Patch Notes!

LuminosityWe are happy to announce that Luminosity patch 1.1 is finally done and will be live within the next day. If you own a copy of Luminosity, you will be able to receive this update from the place where you got it from, completely free. Not all changes are included in these patch notes, but the biggest and most important ones are mentioned.

New levels and new backgrounds

  • Upgrade, 5% (50% max) to gain 1 health every time you beat a level.
  • Power-up, gain 500 gold.
  • Power-up, your next laser destroys all enemies it collides with.
  • Enemy drone, does not move for a few seconds, then charges at a very high speed.
  • Enemy drone, slow moving enemy equipped with a cannon that shoots projectiles.

A completely new section called “Factory” has been made. Upgrades have been moved into the factory together with the all new ship selection. Here you can swap between visually different ships with different perks!

  • Standard ship, the ship that was available before.
  • The builder, fairly slow laser speed, every shoot increases speed.
  • Crystal, double crystal generation. No power-up spawn.
  • Tank, more hp, slightly slower laser speed.
  • Boomerang, Faster laser speed, rotates every time you shoot, cant manually rotate.
  • Ancient, very high speed, every shoot reduces speed.

Visual upgrades

  • Custom mouse cursor.
  • Improve particle effects, both performance wise and visually.
  • All ships now have a rotation animation.
  • Silhouette has been visually updated.
  • Some enemies have been visually remade.
  • Immortality visuals for the ships have been improved.


  • A new difficulty level (insane)has been added.
  • The existing difficulty levels have been tuned slightly.


  • Re organize the options menu.
  • Borderless option has been added.
  • Difficulty levels now have names not just colors.

Bug Fixes

  • Several bugs and spelling errors have been fixed. A few examples are:
  • Drone collision will never fail, even at extremely low frames per second.
  • The randomization seed has been improved.
  • Shooting in conquered areas will now properly deal damage to your ship.
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