Ludum Dare #31begins in a week, we will be participating!

What is Ludum Dare?

Ludum Dare (from Latin “to give a game”, also known as LD48) is an accelerated video game development competition. It was founded by Geoff Howland and was first held in April 2002. Participants are required to create a video game that fits within a given theme in two (three for the Jam version) days. A unique feature of this competition is that participants often release a time-lapse video of the development of their game.

There are two different competitions going on at the same time, “Compo” and “Jam”. Each will have their own independent winners.

LD Jam allows for teams to participate (We will be participating in the Jam for this reason), allows you to use libraries and old code and assets more liberally and lasts 3

LD Compo is solo only, no teams allowed. Here you are NOT allowed to use any old assets or code and are limited to publicly available libraries and tools. The compo lasts 2 days.

The complete rule-set can be found here!

If you want to join, all you need to do is:

  1. Visit the Ludum Dare website
  2. Register an account.
  3. Wait for the theme, make a game and post it before the deadline!

The “Theme Slaughter” has just begun, this is the first step where thousands of theme suggestions get voted on. You can rate a theme with “good”/”bad”/”Slaugther”. The top rated themes will later be voted on in order to find the winner, which will be announced when the competition begins!

Anyone can help with the theme slaughter, even if you do not plan on participating yourself, click on the gif below and vote away!








Finally I will leave you with a comic that was posted after the last Ludum Dare (#30) that I found to be quite hilarious!

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